Connectivity in the business world is paramount. B2B is a model designed to extrapolate mutual benefit between businesses. The need for such a platform has been encapsulated by companies desire to sell and acquire products and services from other companies and businesses. It is a start of a relationship that has incentives for both parties. As in other business relationships such as B2C, decisions are based upon emotional triggers and impulses, often times negating the value and sustainability of the product. B2B buyers make decisions on price and profit potential alone. At its core, B2B marketing comprises building worthwhile relationships to guarantee lasting customers.  The importance of B2B cannot be stated enough. Three primary advantages include Lead generation, Thought leadership-market education, and Customer acquisition. Increasing number of business owners are doing business through such B2B relationships as it not only gives them a finer consumer base but also boosts efficiency and revenues in short span of time. Companies also get a one up by registering with a B2B portal before their opponents do so as they would be more widely known than others in the international market. A B2B portal has therefore become a crucial device for the growth of every kind of business. Another key element that makes B2B critical is Brand recognition. B2B enables improved brand awareness in the market place. Developing pages that can be indexed by search engine crawlers is a fast way to bolster your site’s search engine optimization and improve the likelihood that your target audience will know who you are.

The Zbizlink B2B feature allows users to Match & Filter businesses based upon your needed criteria – skills or products required, project type, location, etc. Instantly, Zbizlink provides recommendations to match your specific criteria – with a global reach.
Zbizlink is the tool to advertise and sell your products and services both regionally or globally, and share your capabilities both in/out of network to attract new clientele.

Zbizlink’s “Feedback + Ratings” feature improves your marketability with new customers. Ask your customers to leave their feedback and comments about their experience with your company. Use your performance ratings and scores for work completed on contracts to sell your next project!


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